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➳masa! ~! ❤
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I wear fashion.
Fashion does not wear me.
My clothes should accommodate me, to fit my body
Not the other way around.

My name is masa.
Fashion, makeup, foreign cultures and languages, music, food, photography.
The content of my journal is pretty frivolous. Most entries are public. "Image heavy" is an understatement.
I don't do labels. I do what I do because I like it, not because I feel that I have to. I don't care if it sounds cliché because the people who never mean it say it all the time. I'm me. You're you. That's life.
I'm friendly. And cuddly. I'll probably want to take you home and feed you cupcakes. Add me and I'll most likely add you back.
I'm a big fat flaming dyke.
Formerly known as akitarinai.
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